Talking about a film

Talking about a film, qu’est ce que c’est ?


Nos séances débutent par une présentation en anglais du film et de son contexte, avec notamment un point sur ses enjeux (30 minutes). La projection en VO (avec ou sans sous-titres selon les envies) est suivie d’un débat d’une heure sur vos ressentis sur le film, tant du point de vue des thèmes abordés que de l’esthétique cinématographique.



Novembre 2021

film en cours  


Widower Daniel Blake, a 59-year-old joiner from Newcastle, has had a heart attack. Though his cardiologist has not allowed him to return to work, Daniel is deemed fit to do so after a work capability assessment and denied employment and support allowance. He is frustrated to learn that his doctor was not contacted about the decision, and applies for an appeal


Février 2022

prochain film

Keeping mum (vo)

Gloria Goodfellow has a normal life in the country side along with her family. She's the mother of two children, one precocious teenage girl, Holly , and a timid boy, Petey , who's been bullied by a bunch of kids from his school. Occassionally, their peace is disrupted by a neighbor's annoying dog or a meddler neighbor. Gloria's husband, Reverend Walter Goodfellow, is a clumsy, but well respected preacher, who's preparing to give a speech in a religious convention at Cornwall. One morning, a charming, efficient and quite kind lady, Grace Hawkins, arrives to work as a housekeeper at the Goodfellows' house. The family's life will change forever,


Mars 2022

A venir   

Billy Eliot (VO)

Set in County Durham, England during the 1984–85 miners’ strike, the film is about a working-class boy who discovers his passion for ballet, despite his father’s objection and the negative stereotype associated with being a male ballet dancer.

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    Durée approximative 3h30 (inclus 1h30 de conversation en anglais )
  • Tarif annuel102
    Soit 6 séances